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Gabrielle Sigrist (Gabby for short) is an LA based actor, performer, and writer. She recently graduated from Seattle University with degrees in Theatre and Philosophy. She believes that theatre is the school of empathy - a place for transformation and emotional discovery. She tells stories as an actor in order to share with a community of curious, discerning, and imaginative seekers all the multi-dimensional ways we experience what it means to be human in the world and on this Earth.

Inspired by the genre of magical realism, she writes plays and texts that are highly poetic drawing on concepts from witchcraft, the history of philosophy, and the works of  Shakespeare. To her, stories are portals into the vivid subconscious landscapes we only access in dreams.  She is also always asking how we are making theatre for a new generation that combats social injustice and uplifts silenced voices. To live in today's world is to be political and our collective anxiety can be best combated in a theatrical format, which is why she is interested in new script development as well as innovative re-imaginings of the classics. 

When not in a theater, Gabby will most likely be found with a piping hot cup of black coffee in one hand and a crystal in the other, keeping her eyes to the sky for a prime moon view. Catch her around town patting all the dogs, doing the Stevie Nicks spin at the club, and convincing a stranger that Twin Peaks is the ultimate cinematic masterpiece. 

To contact Gabby, email her at